Wednesday, 3 July 2013

LookBook look: 'Infinity on high' + Buy the TOPSHOP DISCO PANTS from me on ebay

A bit rude :)

Hat - River Island - £40
Glasses - Ray-ban 
Lipstick - H&M - £3.99
Shirt - Market - £1
Boots - Market - £2
Disco Pants - Topshop - £30

Hey guys, you can buy these TOPSHOP DISCO PANTS on my EBay account (the bloody button fell off, so did the tag )

New look for LookBook, you can find it here: and thank you again to prosop for taking the photograph, find her blog here: send her love. I am in love with the mint shirt, it was super cheap and fit okay ( I say 'okay' its baggy but the collar fits) And I still need to make a bloody post about my favourite pattern pieces for the summer :C I will get on that! I will!!



  1. This is cute and simple. Love the hat & the shirt is a great summer color :)

  2. Fanned you on lookbook, your style is so great!