Monday, 24 June 2013

LookBook Look "Your turn now"

Shirt - £1 (Market) Jacket - £10 (Primark) Bag - 50p (market) Shorts - £5 (Ryans Vinatge Shop) Boots - £2 (market) Hat - £35 (River Island)

New look for Lookbook ( , I found it really hard to style the oversized shirt I feel like if I wear it on it's own it would look like I was drowning in it. I want to wear colourful and patterned shirts all the time, its too cold and dull even through its suppose to be summer damn it! And I'm wearing the boots again, you will see them  a lot more, I love then too much to stop wearing them, they are beautiful (and cheap)

I'm going to make an entry about my favourite patterned item for the summer :) 

Thank you again to Prosop for taking the photographs. Find her blog here  Go give her some love.


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