Sunday, 30 June 2013

LookBook look: You don't have to love me

Hat - H&M (£??), 
Ray-Ban (£??)
Top - Topshop (£10)
Belt - Thrift/ Charity shop (£5)
Shorts - Levi/Ryan's vintage shop (£8)
Boots - Market (£2)

New LookBook look check it: 

I don't really wear turtle neck tops, but I have to say I love this one from Topshop. It's super comfy and dons't look half bad :D I stole the shorts from my sister, the colour is insane, really proud of this look, I never have so much skin on show, but it is summer, I need to get more colourful clothing maybe a trip to the market or charity shops to spice up my wardrobe. Still planning on making a post about 90's/ printed clothing. I'll get on it!!


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  1. lovely,lovely,lovely!